(Ministry of HRD, Government of India)

Current Time :

Today Date : 19-02-2019

Academic Activities


1-Various online quiz activities organized.

2-Eassy writting, poem, painting and various sport activities organized.

3-Speech, singing and various cultural program activities organized.

4-Remedial, evening study are also conducted.




A)To improve the academic standrad from class VI to XII..

B)To improve the teaching learning process.

C)Completion of syllabous of all classes as per split up of syllabus.

D)Correction of lesson and Homework reguralarly.

E)Submission of lesson plan by subject teacher.

F)Arrangement of Remedial/Enrichment programme for needy student.



A)Preparation of annual Teaching plan for the Academic year 2016-2017.

B)Guiding the subject teacher to teach as per the split up of syallabus.

C)Monitoring the Homework & class work corrections.

D)Proper guidance to the students for appearing in the examination.